Friday, 2 March 2012

Z-Palette Saved my eyeshadows

No seriously. It did!

I was about to list my Urban Decay Book of shadows up on Kijiji for sale or giveaway as it was taking up too much room. As some of you might or might not know I'll be moving to Japan in just under 15 days and need to organize and downsize everything! And sorry, UD book of shadows just wasn't going to make it with me on the plane. After deciding that I'll try and save my palette I went online to find some answers. I came across a really neat idea - de-potting! Where have I been all these years!? I had an idea but now I just needed to know in what I was going to depot my shadows into..
There was lots of great suggestions like MAC cases, CD cases and finally Z-Palette. At first I thought Z-palettes were a bit pricey and the fact they are made of cardboard doesn't sound all that nice either.. But after reading all the reviews on makeupalley I bit the bullet and purchased two from One small, one large. They arrived in 2 days. Holy shipping, Batman!!

I love love love them! They don't dwelt cheap as I initially thought they would since they are made from cardboard. They have a nice weight to them and I do pretty! I can't stop de-potting now
At first I felt bad about breaking apart the Book of shadow boxes but come on, it's just a box.. Right?

Here are some photos of how I did it!

All my tools :)

After watching me struggle for about 5 minutes, my bf helped me out by removing the sides of the packaging which allowed me to just pull back the backing and 'reveal' the shadows. 

I put the eyeshadow name under each pot. Great idea! Found the info on Youtube!

Now what to do with the empty Urban Decay Metal Tin??

I recently purchased all ten of the travel size eye pencils and needed a place to store them. 

Voila! The tin worked perfectly!


  1. I love customisable palettes!

  2. I have seen the Z-palette on other posts. It looks very interesting. How would one depot shadows that are not in palettes? I have so many individuals. I would love to give the Z-palette a try, but I don't have many smaller palettes so I wonder if it is worthwhile.

    Safe travels to Japan... and keep blogging!

    1. Thanks for the comment! :)
      This video should help in regards to de-potting singles -
      Good luck!

  3. wowww i like your urban decay pencils collection!



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