Sunday, 29 April 2012

Shopping Day

I had a great time shopping at Aeon mall in Kofu today.
Shopping wasn't really on the agenda. I was mostly there to see what stores where available and 'look around'.
It unfortunately didn't happen that way.  I ended up breaking my original plan and splurged a little...
If the items I purchased weren't so cute, I would be a bite more upset with myself. hahah. 
I got some socks, leggings and tights from Tutuanna. They are soooo cute. I always love Tutuanna for their cute tights and amazing prices.

I also got a few bath bombs from Lush Japan. I've never purchased anything from Lush in the past but I decided that today was the day I was going to splurge on a couple since I already broke my plan by buying sock and etc from Tutuanna. Lets see if the Lush bath bombs live up to all the hype....

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