Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fashion: Zohara Tights and Leggings Japan

Let me introduce you to new favorite tights - Zohara Japan!
I was immediately drawn to their funky colours and awesome designs.
I've been on the lookout for fun and affordable leggings for a while now, so I was happy when I came across Zohara.
About the Brand:
"The Zohara Tights brand was launched in January 2010 in Israel.
The brand created from the desire to combine art and fashion in an originl way.
All products are created on the belief of high quality, style and convenience.
Every year a selected number of Artists from around the world brings a different perception of art to the collection. 
All the drawings are unique and original and together they create different and varied styles of hosiery, which give a fashionable look to each woman 
Zohara Tights are 120 Den, soft and comfortable, one size that fits woman size 34-50."
Love the whole idea of artists being chosen from around the world to create a collection.
Here's a look at some of the tights/leggings available.
I'll start off by showing off my absolute favorite!!

They will soon have a new collection of 40 Denier-print tights and leggings available on their website, so stay tuned! The tights will have a very sheer and smooth surface, with new and dramatic prints.

Check out their International website here
Japanese website here

What do you think?

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