Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fun Bento boxes for everyone from Bento&Co

I love my new Bento box, but now I have the urge to collect more.. like cards, make-up, dolls, etc.
I want a different Bento box for everyday of the week.
Thanks to Bento&Co I can choose from a variety of lunch boxes..
Bento&Co ships directly from Japan to anywhere around the world. So that should be great news for all my followers outside of Japan!!
I just wanted to share some of my favorites from their website:

My BC from France picked up this one. You can see the photos here

I haven't ordered any Bento boxes yet, but I'm sure I will soon..

What do you guys think of these Bento boxes? Do they make you wanna pack your lunch instead of buying?

Check out my first proper attempt at a Bento lunch:
It includes some leftover homemade naan bread, rice, cucumbers and tomato's with salmon. I love salmon!! For a first attempt, I'm quite proud!

Make sure to check out Bento&Co

Also, check out Honeycat Cosmetic's FB page for a fun and creative giveaway. I believe there are 3 winners.


  1. Kawaiiii!! These are so cute!!!

    1. And now they have the Batman bento box back in stock. Sooooo tempting! Ahh! hahah. :)



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