Thursday, 28 June 2012

Glossybox Japan: June Edition

Before I get into what I received, I just want to mention something. Every single Glossybox I've received in Japan, has always come with a neatly done up bow.. There is so much attention to detail with every box. Not once have I received a scattered box with leaflets all over the place or all my samples off to one side. For that, I commend Glossybox Japan for such neatness!

Now on to what I received. I noticed a France theme with this months box.
Inside the box:
L'Occitane Immortelle
I've heard a lot of good things about this brand so I look forward to trying this item out.

Creme Pour Les mains Extra pure Ceriser
I'm a hand cream junkie so I'm always on the look to try out a new brand. 

Fleur et papillion sache
Smells divine! I'll be keeping this in my backpack. Yeah, that's right, I said backpack. I don't carry a purse to school. I carry a backpack. It's easier on my shoulders and keeps my bento box all nice and cozy.
Savonniere Soaps
I like to keep clean so I'll use them up and they smell sooooo good!
Another Trip Bath Salts - I received Algae from France.
I love bath salts so this will be fun to use. It also smells really good!

All in all it's a decent box with lots of new brands for me to try out :)
Make sure to check out Glossybox Japan by clicking on the icon on the right side of my blog! 

One another note I'm really excited as now I have 4 empty Glossyboxes! You know what means! Glossybox DIY!


  1. Thanks for sharing! However I`m hoping glossybox Japan can have some Japanese brand! Nonetheless the L'occitane item looks attractive

    btw if you haven`t check out my shiseido giveaway it`s ending June 30!

    1. I agree. I wanted to see more Japanese brands. But then again, this box is for Japanese who are probably interested in trying out overseas brands.

      Thanks for letting me know about the Giveaway. I actually don't use Shiseido, but thanks again for mentioning it!

  2. i never try all of the products :/

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  3. Oh I definitely thought the Glossybox Japan would contain Japanese products! Thinking of it, it makes sense to give them products that they might not have tried yet... which means, I didn't miss much when not getting the box in Japan :D I would be very disappointed with that box since I don't have a bathtub! >_<"

    1. Haha.. No bathtub = Useless bath salts. :)
      Thanks for stopping by. Great blog.. new follower!



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