Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sweat pits? Well not anymore!

Not the most attractive post title but it's true.
Ever have a meeting or interview where you end up sweating buckets from nervousness?
Not to worry! That can be solved with with what I like to call pads for your armpits. :)
While shopping in the beauty section of my local Sundrug, I stumbled upon this box called Ag+. The outside of the box had a picture of what I originally thought was cotton pads for your face but after looking at the back of the box I realized it was for your clothes.

Here's what the box looks like -

I ended up picking up a box as I figured "what the heck.. might as well try it"
Basically it's an absorbent pad for your armpits. I think it's a great idea if you don't want pit stains for that big event or date. We all sweat.. so don't pretend like YOU don't. ;) If Japanese women sweat, then we ALL do.

Another option for those that don't like the armpit absorbent pads is the refreshing sheet's.
They usually come in cute packing as seen below -

I haven't fully experienced a Japanese summer but I've heard they can be uncomfortable so it's nice to know there are things to help make it a bit more bearable.  


  1. interesting! the pads would work for a long sleeved shirt, but otherwise they'd be no good! you can always use drysol or some other product that blocks your sweat glands, but I personally think that its terrible for your body!


    1. Completely agree. I like the pads as they allow you to sweat but like you mentioned only really work if you're wearing long sleeves or longer than usual short sleeves. I tried them out and I'm a fan.. They seem silly but 'get the job done'

  2. Leave it to the Japanese to have cute packaging for something like this! I went to Osaka in August and the thing that really killed me was the humidity, not the heat so much. I remember my friends always carried a handkerchief with them to wipe their faces down whenever we had to do anything outside.

    1. Oh.. yeah. A handkerchief is a must. Now I gotta start a new collection :)



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