Monday, 27 August 2012 Order

After seeing so many blog posts about I finally placed my first order, and then a second one, with a third on the way.
I placed my first order on Aug 21st, another on Aug 22nd and received both order yesterday Monday Aug 27th. WOW! Talk about amazing shipping.
I know one of the biggest complaint with iherb is the shipping time. Since Japan only has fast, faster and fastest as shipping options, I wasn't really worried about that.

Here's what I ordered:

Sorry for the crappy photo. It was late, I was excited and all I had handy was my cell phone.

What was in the box:
Real Technique core kit
Real Technique expert face brushEcoTools 5 piece brush set
Aloe Vera Juice
Flax seeds and oil
Coconut oil
Oatmeal (it's sooo expensive here)
Baking soda
Vitamin E

If you haven't placed an order with yet, I urge to check out what they have. For me, this site has everything I can't find here and more. Save $10 with your first order of $40 or more with promo code - NUW38.

Have you order from If so, how was your experience?


  1. Love the brushes , I have both Real Technique brush sets , (purple and gold) their so so soft , softer then my Sigma brushes,! What a great little haul Thanks for sharing !

  2. Thanks for the comment! I'm pretty excited about my order and I can't wait to use my brushes!! :)



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