Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Review: Lanolips Austrailia

I first discovered Lanolips through instagram. I noticed a few of my friend posting photos of these tubes with a cute sheep stamped on the front.
After checking out their website I knew that I wanted to try them out for myself.

The Science behind Lanalips:
The lanolin used in Lanolips™ is Ultra Pure Medical Grade Lanolin. To achieve this the lanolin goes through a stringent refining and cleaning process; cleansing the raw lanolin of all external impurities, scent and colour, making it the purest, most natural form of lanolin available.
Numerous beauty products use lanolin. However none of these products can say the following: they are 100% natural, they are 100% pure or they contain nothing other than 100% Ultra Pure Medical Grade Lanolin. Lanolips™ can.
The benefits of the Ultra Medical Grade lanolin:
• There are no chemicals
• No additives
• It’s hypoallergenic
• It’s colour free
• Odour free
• It’s so safe it can be used on the mouths of new-born babies
• It is used in hospitals after surgeries to help open wounds heal
• It is 100% pure, cream of the crop, concentrated and refined lanolin

The one I'll be reviewing to is the Lanolips 101 Ointment:
*Multi-Award Winning* Rediscover the magic of lanolin in this heavy-duty, 100% natural ointment like no other. Lanolips 101 Ointment is the purest of pure wonder ointment, made with Lanolips' exclusive 100% Ultra Pure Grade Lanolin.

Awesome things to know about this product:

  • 100% pure
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • 100% fragrance free
  • Holds up to 200% of its weight in moisture
  • 100% colour free
  • Vegetarian & baby friendly
  • Dermatalogically tested
  • Patent pending
  • The world's finest lanolin
  • All Lanolips products are animal cruelty free.
You'll notice right off the bat that the end of the tube has a flat opening, meaning you'll have to apply the ointment either with a lipstick makeup brush or your fingers. I prefer my fingers as I'm use to that and don't always have a brush handy.  I think the reason they used a flat top instead of an angeled applicator is because the ointment might be too thick and won't easily come out.
The texture: It's has a semi transparent look to it, it feels like a cream but applies beautifully. It's not sticky nor is it thick. There's no taste or smell to it, which is great as I always hate eating my lip gloss or chapstick. My lips feel moisturized. I'm actually surprised just how nice my lips feel. I keep rubbing my lips together to see if they will stick but nothing. 

I love this ointment. It makes my lips feel wonderful and seems to be quite long lasting. For about $17.00, I believe it's worth the price.
The only downside is it's availability. I would love to see this sold in Beautybay.com or feelunique.com as both websites offer free international shipping.

Have you tried Lanolips recently?


  1. I used the lanolin ingredient when breastfeeding in a product called Lansinoh for chapped nipples that happen at the beginning of breastfeeding sometimes when the latch is not 100% right. Recently rediscovered my tube and put it on my chapped hand and though it was thick and annoying for about 15 mins, it fully absorbed and left really soft skin (for being chapped that is). I'd check this product out if I didn't have to order it online. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This sounds like a great product for chapped winter lips!



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