Tuesday, 21 August 2012

School Trip

Hey Guys! Sorry I've been missing in action recently. I started a new job working with kids, and they have been tiring me out. Who knew kids had sooooo much energy? Or maybe I'm just really out of shape. :)
We recently went on a school trip to Tokyo and the Yokoto Air Base in Fussa, Tokyo. If you like Gatorade, Betty Crocker and planes, then this is the place for you. For me, it was too hot and crowed but it was still nice to go out and see something new.
It wouldn't be Tokyo if there wasn't a line to wait in.
On our way to the next distation we played a game of bingo where the winners got to choose form a selection of gifts purchased from the air base. Yay!
Next stop Odaiba, Tokyo. North America town, where you can shop at all your favorite shops like Kirspy Kreme, Gap, Old Navy and the list goes on. I was immediately attracted to the giant Gundam and Gundam Cafe.
I ended up getting lost on my way back to the bus and had to call me boss a couple of time to find my way back.. how embarrassing!! >_<  
Here are some photos to enjoy:

 An interesting pudding treat

Everyone was able to leave with a pair of anime eyes. :)
Thanks for stopping by!! 

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  1. kids are SOOOO energetic! they are so eager to show you everything too - like how high they can jump and it definitely takes quite a bit of patience to be excited for it all.
    looks like a really fun trip!



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