Saturday, 11 August 2012

Vacation part 2: Shiraishi Island

After a one night stay in Kurashiki, Okayama, we continued our adventures to a nice and relaxing beach located on Shiraishi Island. 
"Shiraishi Island is an island in the Inland Sea of Japan. It is one of six inhabited islands in the Kasaoka Islands, a chain of islands most easily reached from the port city of Kasaoka on Japan's main island, Honshū."

We wanted to visit a beach that wouldnt be overcrowded. This beach was prefect. Before 8am and after 6pm the beach was all ours. It felt like our own private beach.
Early in the morning we saw small crabs digging holes in the sand. After 6pm the sunset was incredibly beautiful.

 The ferry that took us to the our destination.

 The patio at our villa.
 The view from the villa.

 A vacation just isn't a vacation without a jumping photo.
A jelly fish that washed up onto the shore.



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