Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Welcome to Mandai Shoten

Last weekend a friend invited Alex and I out to visit Mandai Shoten.
Mandai Shoten is what I like to call a nerd's shop. It's fantastic! It has everything from used video games and mangas to air guns and fishing rods. I couldn't get over the selection and variety of things available.
You can even bring in your old games and they'll buy them, I hear they'll buy pretty much anything. :)

Now for the pictures of my 'big' adventure:

So cute! If it wasn't $40 and I didn't already have a great toaster, I might have considered it.

I believe theres are strategy guides. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Found a famicom
Happy Halloween!


  1. looks awesome!! did you end up purchasing anything? i would've considered that pikachu toaster too!

  2. The pikachu toaster is definitely on my want list! You're lucky to be residing in Japan :D

  3. Yes, I got a couple of manga's to help with my Japanese. And two figures which I can't post because I got them as gifts for someone who follows my blog :)
    The pikachu toaster was really cute :)

  4. What an awesome place to nerd out!

  5. nice! what manga do you read? i have a collection of manga too - i havent added to it in quite some time though



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