Friday, 2 November 2012

Glossybox: September edition

I was really excited when I received this month's Glossybox as the box was heavy which immediately made me think - Full sized products!!
I was right, but at the same time I was expecting something a little more. Either way, I'm still very happy with the contents.

Here's what I got:
Use beautywater® Q10 specifically to give back the freshness and vitality your cells are lacking.
Sounds interesting enough, I'll give it a go. 
Esthederm Sample set
Kaotsubo Cosmetics 8601 Repre trail
I think it's face stuff?
nesno Balance veil
I honestly have no idea what this is. I'll have to ask a friend. I first thought shower gel, then maybe face toner. But after putting a dab on my fingers tips I'm more confused than ever. 
Zoya in Paloma
I'm so excited to try this polish as the colour is just so pretty!

All in all I'm happy with this box. The polish is what made it worth it. The beauty water sounds fun, but it's not something I'll buy into. Before I set that in stone, I should really give it a try.

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. I've seen that nesno balance veil ad on YT. Seems to me it's a moisturizer.

  2. Found this link. Maybe will help you. Looks like a mosturising in gel. Google translate all the way!

  3. The Canadian Glossybox had Zoya too although I love the colour you got way more! That beauty water looks interesting too. I'd be happy with this box too!

  4. Thanks! I ended up trying it.. Not really for me. :)

  5. I really gotta try that beauty water soon. It's just sitting in my fridge. I'm too cold to drink anything that isn't hot right now. hahaha..

  6. Thanks for stopping by. I figured it out.. some sort of gel moisturizer. :))



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