Monday, 17 December 2012

Vlogging and Giveaway

Hey Guys,

I know it's been quite a while since my last post.
This past couple months have been busy with school and holiday planning.
I promise to get back into the blogging spirit after the holidays.

In the meantime, I've started vlogging.
I've only posted two video's so far, but I hope to do more in the near future.

If you have the time, please  check them out.

 This is my latest Korean and Japanese haul:

My giveaway video:
Hurry as the giveaway ends on the 24th.
- Must be a subscriber
- Must comment on the video below

Good luck~

Thanks everyone!
I hope your enjoying your December!


  1. You're too cute when you realized how long the video was! Regardless, it was great to watch you and actually hear you! And now I want to go to Japan and Korea just to shop. :)

  2. Love watching your videos NeNe,, You are adorable!!! I love your hoodie too!! :)

  3. haha you're so cute at the end!! "yada yada yada" no need to apologize! that was a lot of products to go through :)

  4. I watched every bit of the video because you just kept on bringing out more product! You were like Mary Poppins!

  5. Haha.. thank you!

    Now I can't shop for a while.. I need to go through all this stuff >_<

  6. Thank you so much for watching :)
    I thought it would be a quick 5-10 minute video.. hahaha

  7. Thank you so much! It's currently my favorite hoodie :)

  8. Thank you Rebecca! Be prepared to receive some similar items :)
    I hope my future videos will be a tad shorter. hahah



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